Christ in Youth has been speaking into the lives of students for over 50 years. No matter where your student is on their faith journey, CIY does a great job of creating experiences that lead middle and high school students closer to Jesus. Because of this, we have always been huge supporters of the material that CIY produces.

Although things have shifted this year due to COVID-19, this doesn’t mean we want to remove our opportunities to grow together. CIY has produced their material in a way that we can still experience Move (High School) and Mix (Middle School) wherever we are at.


6TH – 8TH

OnPoint Student Ministries will join together to lead through CIY MIX, July 27-29. During this 3-day CIY MIX experience we will discover what it means to have the Spirit of the all-powerful God living inside us – giving us strength, changing us and advocating for us. It’s through Him that we have God living within us. We worship the Father. We love Jesus. And It’s time for us to talk about the Third Person.

Each day there will be some material you can lead yourselves through on your own time, but each evening from 6:00 – 7:30 PM we will come together physically in the gym for a socially distanced worship experience.

We are asking for every student to register. Registration is our way to ensure that we compile all of the material needed for your experience. There will be more to do than just watching videos. This is a fully immersive experience that we invite you to be a part of.

All for the grand total of…. drumroll please……..


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